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Our clients benefit from Ashika’s commitment to providing the best service and passion for high standard of performance. At the Ashika Group, our high standard of customer service is derived from our ability to address problems at the root cause. We are nimble, flexible and stay in touch with our customers through telephone, email and visits. If you are still contemplating on why to take advantage of Ashika’s services, here are some of the reasons to start with:

  • Zero Account opening charges for both online and offline clients.
  • Possibility of opening five accounts through one-time submission of documents.
  • Easy to use product demos contained in CD given to you with the Welcome Kit.
  • Daily research calls to help you make the right stock selection and timing.
  • 24x7 access to client in online back office system.
  • Concurrent trade confirmation facility like Bank ATMs.
  • Online fund transfer facility with no less than 25 banks to meet the pay-in obligation.
  • Request for pay-out through SMS/ online back-office/ calling customer care.
  • IVR system to help navigate through various departments.
  • Dedicated customer care, dealer for each account.
  • Clients can stay in touch with us through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blog.
  • You can also track your complete asset portfolio through our online Wealth Tracker application.
  • Ashika classroom makes it possible to comprehend investing in a simple way.
  • All information that you need is provided through our customer-friendly and informative communications department.

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