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At Ashika, we know that it only makes sense for us to do what’s right for all our stakeholders and the society at large. We believethat maintaining transparency in all our transactions and proceduresis the best means to empower them. We have therefore, taken an initiative to specify our practices pertaining to various groups.

To know more on how you can become one ofour stakeholders and play a bigger role in our day-to-day activities, please click on one of the following:

Business Partners

At present, we have more than 400 business partners spread across the length and breadth of the country. Our philosophy is to help our partners grow to their fullest potential. We take great joy when we see them prosper.


We truly believe that Ashika can offer you the best possible springboard to afruitful career in the financial services industry. It enjoys a great reputation, a fabulous work culture and best-in-class compensation. Know more to understand our requirements and practicesto join our team.


We believe that this segment of our stakeholder group is as important as our employees or customers, if not more. We have an impartial & just procurement policy and provide a fair chance to all of our vendors for their product or service.


We currently serve more than 95,000 clients and this number is growing at a fast pace. Our efforts are directed to improve our service for our clients and help them serve better. You can know more about our processes by clicking here.


Keeping our ethos in cognisance, we have always tried to followbest in industrypractices for our investors, including our customers. Our Investor Relations team has been trained to attend to all investor related queries and answer them promptly.

Society - CSR

We believe that we can contribute to the common cause of the society by bringing in the same level of efficiency and transparency in the administration and management of CSR initiatives.Even though we are a really small part of this society, we are confident that we can make some positive difference. To know more about our activities click on ‘Society’

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If you feel that Ashika could serve some person or organisation in any manner, we would be happy to know about it. Please fill the form in this section and don’t forget to provide your own details also, so as to thank you for your help.

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