tock market has the potential to make you a lot of money. But you need to play the game right. There are several factors that, when combined together, make a successful trader. Fortunately, most of them are within your control. For example, personality traits like patience, discipline, avoiding herd mentality and ignoring ‘friendly tips’ unless they come from a certified market expert. Then there is the long term investment strategy, risk appetite and diversification, and proper due diligence of the stock or commodity you intend to invest into. The last, but certainly not the least, is your stockbroker to partner with you in your investment journey. 

Ever since the advent of dematerialized (demat) accounts and shift towards electronic trading, the importance of technology has been paramount in making successful traders. Since trading is predominantly conducted online now, not only does your stockbroker or financial services company, need to have the relevant insights and market knowledge, but they also need to provide you with a fast online trading platform to carry out successful trades instantly.

How To Choose The Best Online Trading Platform In India

There are dozens of many different types of online stock brokers available to investors. This can make it very difficult to identify the perfect one for your needs and requirements. As a general rule, the best online trading platforms in India offer a wide variety of assets and markets to trade in, low fees and commissions, a multi-channel trading platform and good technical / customer support. The trading platform you choose needs to be suitable to your investment style and be flexible enough to accommodate future changes in strategies or objectives. Yes, it does also depend on whether you are a beginner, intermediary or an expert in investing. Different platforms may cater to different experience levels of the investors. For example, beginners may require more educational tools to help them out, while experts may find such basic tips annoying. The trading platform and the stockbroker need to have industry-level credibility and wide verifiable experience to ensure your hard-earned money is in safe hands.

Ashika Stock Broking Ltd. – Dhanush App

Ashika is one of India’s largest and safest financial platforms to invest in stocks, shares, mutual funds, IPOs and other securities. They worked with over 1,25,000+ clients, handling trades of over ₹ 5 lakh crores+ per year. They already have over 1,00,000 Demat a/c with 20,000+ crore assets, which goes on to show their credibility in the market and the faith they have gained with their clientele.

Dhanush is the name of their trading platform, which is available for use via web browsers or as a mobile app. Dhanush (or bow) is the means for launching a pointed arrow towards your target. This metaphor is ideal in the context of online trading, as the trading platform is the medium that helps you successfully achieve your financial objectives. Some of the beneficial and versatile characteristics of the Dhanush App are as follows:

While the above features are definitely desirable in the best online trading platforms in India, as a client, you might want more. Keeping this in mind, Ashika Stock Broking Ltd. and the Dhanush app offer many more features and benefits to empower you with the right knowledge and tools for being successful in the stock market. These include:

In Summation

We began our discussion with the expectations from the ideal trading platform. As you can see in our description of the Dhanush app by Ashika Stock Broking Ltd, all the essential features are included. In fact, there are additional features that can help cater to a truly diverse segment of investors. The powerful financial tools and intelligent portfolio management attributes help you manage and grow your money wisely. 

One valid concern people have regarding online trading is the safety and security of their personal information. Ashika Group has invested heavily in their technical infrastructure to ensure compliance with the industry’s highest security standards to ensure your financial data is never breached.

Apart from the technical leverage, you also get access to expert advice from a pool of market research analysts who help you make the right moves at the right times. This is especially helpful for beginners and even for people with an intermediate level of trading experience. 
So, this is the right time to visit the Ashika Stock Broking Ltd. website to open an account and get started with one of the best online trading platforms in India.

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