India has been seeing a record influx of investors venturing into the share market to make money. As per reports from several market experts, there have been crores of new trading accounts opened in 2021 alone. If you wish to join this bandwagon, then this is the right time to do so. One of the important factors  to be successful in the stock market is the platform that you use for trading. The best share trading platforms in India provide speed of trading, real-time market data and analysis, helpful tips and guidance, and convenient tools for tracking your portfolio. Let us know more about trading platforms in India.

Types of Share Trading Platforms in India

Online trading has become the norm and with the mode of demat accounts, electronic form is mandated both for convenience and compliance to regulations. The 3 main types of interfaces that one can make use of are, as follows:

  1. Desktop Based

This requires downloading the relevant software and installing it on your personal computer. The desktop based platforms are usually considered the most robust and fastest. With a stable internet connection you can perform transactions quicker. It also provides you the ability to customize shortcuts by using specific keys on the keyboard for buying and selling, thus giving you that few seconds extra advantage which can be crucial for success. This makes it popular among intraday traders.

  1. Web Browser Based

In this kind of a platform, you do not need to install any software on your personal computer. In fact you do not even need a personal computer. The financial services provider will give you a web link (url) which can be accessed from anywhere using a browser like Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Once you visit the link, it will ask for authentication based on your credentials and after signing in you can continue your trading. While it provides flexibility of using different devices, it is heavily dependent on the stability and speed of the internet, and trading speed can be slow as a result. 

  1. Mobile App Based

With the advent of smartphones and the tendency of people to be on-the-go most of the time, it was natural to merge trading abilities with this kind of platform. The best share trading platforms in India provide the ability to download their app from Google Playstore or Apple AppStore and continue trading regardless of their location or time zone. Almost all the functionalities can be accessed via the smartphone. This portability and versatility is one of the reasons why Mobile apps based platforms are some of the most popular in India, especially among the new age investors.

Meet Dhanush Trading App

Dhanush trading app by Ashika Stock Broking is a very popular app and considered by many as the best share trading platform in India. It allows you to trade in stocks, mutual funds, securities, commodities, and currencies from anywhere in the world. The salient features which make the Dhanush app so popular are:

  1. Easy to use interface.
  2. Absolute portability, you can place orders from anywhere and anytime.
  3. Ability to trade in multiple tools like equity, commodity currency, F&O, mutual funds, etc.
  4. Real-time stock quotes and research backed reliable industry tips.
  5. Speedy placement of orders (cover orders / bracket orders).
  6. Ability to build smart portfolios and track performance to make trading decisions.
  7. Advance charting and tools which allow you to monitor price movements, anticipate trends and develop your trading strategies.
  8. Options of customization to align with your trading style.
  9. High level safety and security of your account and investment data.

In Summation

The definition of the best share trading platform in India is largely dependent on the choice and preferences of the users. Your individual trading style is also a big factor in this decision. As we have seen, the choice of interface is driven by the aforementioned needs and preferences. Day traders may prefer using their personal computers as the terminal of choice, however, for most people who value portability and may not be able to carry their laptops everywhere, the mobile trading apps are the interface of choice.  

Ashika Stock Broking allows you to open an all-in-one demat and trading account without any hassles. Backed by a state-of-the-art technological and security infrastructure, and a team of market research experts, the omni channel Dhanush trading app provides you all the necessary tools and capabilities to make a splash in the stock market. One would say, and rightly so, that these are the necessary qualities of the best share trading platform in India.

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