In the past two decades, technology has made its debut in every walk of life and banking and financial services are no exception to it. With the support of technology, the field of finance has seen multiple-fold enhancement from transferring money online to managing investments, everything is possible with a few clicks on one’s mobile phone. This combination of finance and technology has given birth to a new term – ‘FinTech’ and companies involved in fintech business are taking pace on the corporate front. Let’s further decode the meaning of FinTech and know some of the best fintech companies in India.

Best Fintech Companies In India

What is FinTech?

FinTech stands for Financial Technology. As the name suggests, FinTech involves the use of technology to ease the business activities relating to banking and finance. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), instant payments, machine learning, cloud computing, etc. have helped the finance business. It is with the help of FinTech that you can check the real-time balance of your bank account on mobile. From taking an online insurance policy in a few minutes to borrowing a loan from a digital lender, FinTech is making our lives simpler than we could’ve ever imagined!

Best Fintech Companies in India

In the past five years, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of fintech start-ups in India. Especially in the pandemic era, there was a larger outturn owing to exponential increment in financial markets awareness. While many fintech start-ups gained momentum during this period, old players in the field found opportunities to expand their businesses intensely. We shall briefly look into the top 5 fintech companies in India from different sectors.

1. Paytm: 

2. Zerodha:

3. Incred:

4. Acko:

5. ClearTax:


FinTech companies are changing the lives of people by making them more literate about finances and guiding them towards a secure life and financial freedom. With the help of technology, it is breaking down the traditional practices and advancing help to overcome customer’s financial obstacles. FinTech empowers investors to analyze various investment options and evaluate opportunities by themselves. Investors can track the live performance of their investment right on their phone screens. Ashika Group is one such FinTech company that offers Dhanush app for investor welfare. You can check out the Dhanush app to learn more about getting live updates on your portfolio of investments.

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