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India's PSLV lofts the Mars Orbiter Mission, November 2013
View of Control Centre at ISTRAC, Bengaluru

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Ashika Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd, is Investment Manager to the Ashika Alternative Investments (“Trust”) registered as Category III Alternative Investment Fund (“AIF”) with SEBI.

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Ashika India Alpha Fund

An open-ended equity scheme that seeks to maximise long term risk adjusted returns from a portfolio that is substantially constituted of equity securities and equity related securities of issuers/investee companies domiciled in India.

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14 July 2020
The Growth Story: India’s Demographic Sweet Spot Is Real, But We Can Do With A Little More Quality

While showcasing the quantitative aspects of India’s demographic sweet spot, it is also important to draw attention to the qualitative aspect in terms of basic social infrastructure.

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23 April 2020
Why India’s small enterprises need a Covid-19 rescue act

Liquidity issues arising from delayed payments and unsold goods was cited as the biggest reason.

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05 December 2019
The RBI and government must do whatever it takes to end the demand slump

The RBI governor mentioned he’s willing to do “whatever it takes”. He has to follow this up. The government for its part has to nudge small savings and deposit rates lower to help transmission.

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26 September 2019
Investing better in citizens is key to India’s growth

Population pyramids, which show the age and sex distribution of any country, help us understand how demographic transition plays out and speculate about its medium-term economic prospects. Mint takes a look at the pyramids for India and China and their implications.

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