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Ashika has been able to become a ‘Tried & Trusted’ brand only because of the way it goes about the business of serving the needs of its clients. We believe that a company is known not just by the way it satisfies its customers but how it goes on to delight the customer.

With the objective to delight the customer, Ashika has always strived to relook at old customs and innovate new ways by which it can proactively reach out to its customers. Recently the company has taken the service quotient to the next level by introducing a whole host of new service initiatives like

  • Online Customer Care – It is the portal that will answer all the queries of our clients just at the click of a button.
  • Sahayak – It is a first-of-its-kind online portal exclusively for our business partners to enhance our service.
  • Toll-free IVR service – This is a service that has been launched exclusively for all our existing and prospective customers to help streamline the communication channel and provide better service to them.
  • Fund transfer gateway – We provide our customers a unique platform to transfer funds from more than 30 banks so that the whole process is comfortable and free of unwanted errors.

Another important aspect of service is to always keep in touch with your customers and try to gaze their needs and deficiencies. We always try to evaluate our services to the clients by giving them an open forum to give their feedback. In fact, this is the reason why many of our clients can simply make any request or complaint or suggestions by going on our website and filling the feedback form.

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